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5 Best Birthday Gift For Wife

Wives are a different species all together, to pin point a particular gift is difficult, since everyone has a different wife. She is the one who plans surprises for the entire family on birthdays or any other special day. Gifting her dishwasher is what she says but she wants to feel special, it’s about gifting your wife and not mom!

While planning for a birthday party you can start from breakfast in bed to a candle light dinner that will make her happy and ultimately you will be happy in the end. Creativity is the secret to make your wives birthday, happy! Think of your wife, before she became your wife and then pick up a gift. Here are few ways that will save your time running around malls or last minute internet surfing in honour of you wives special day.

Birthday Gifts For Wife

Chocolate and flower

A bouquet of flowers is an obvious gift to any woman, but when it is your wife, pre ordered and delivered just when she returns from office will make her day. Having this surprise bouquet or a bunch of balloons ordered without being reminded will earn you an extra ounce of love. Chocolates always are a turn on for a wife; passion selection box of chocolates will win her heart.

Passion Selection


This is every girl’s desire who is buried under the roles of mother, daughter and wife. Pamper her in special way like booking a spa appointment, massage certificate or an exquisite appointment to make her hair and nails done. Spice up your relationship by making her feel special and sexy in your own way. The fact that you thought of her feelings will make her happy and in turn you will be at the receiving end of fantastic love.

My Precious

As the heading suggests, this is about, jewellery, a short cut to your woman’s heart. Fifing a beautiful diamond set or simply a piece of jewellery will make her birthday a memorable and you will be happy seeing the smile that stretches from one ear to the other. Diamonds are every woman’s best friend which make gift giving an easy task for you.


Additions to her wardrobe are always welcomed with open arms and twinkling eyes. Please be sure about her size, if unknown, help from her mom will be appreciated by her. Seasonal clothing or fashion accessesories like, shoes, stilettos or wedges will make her birthday happy not just for her but you as well.


Today is the day you tell her how lucky, happy and blessed you are by sharing life with her. The best possible way to do this is through greeting cards; birthday cards is a simple way to get there.

birthday cards

Soft toys have always been in your bedroom staring at unwanted hours, just because, she loves them. Why not gift a soft toy from birthday teddy to speak your heart out the way she wants to hear it. Make some room for creativity in your brain to make your better half feel honoured.

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