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5 Best Anniversary Ideas For Men

Anniversaries are a milestone of every relationship and everyone wishes to make them as special as possible. However, it can be quite tough to think of new and creative ideas for an anniversary. We all want something more than the usual ‘dinner and a movie’ date. Going that extra mile to make an unforgettable anniversary is worth it especially when you know you’ll be seeing a happy smile on his face. Here are the 5 best anniversary ideas that are sure to make your man beaming and happy.

Best Anniversary Ideas for Men

Romantic Evening Picnic

Picnics are always fun but if you plan to have one in the evening, it can turn out to be pretty romantic which is exactly what you want on your anniversary. The first thing that you’ll need to do is pick a spot that has a beautiful view such as a lake or a great view of the city lights. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, fill up your picnic basket with good wine and food to enjoy together. You can even take a few candles along to create an even more romantic ambience. You can nibble on dark n light jumble as dessert after dinner.

Dark n Light Jumble

Romantic Dinner at Home

At times, it can be hard to go out especially when you’re both working people. If this is the case with you, plan a romantic dinner date at home instead of going out. Cook your man’s favorite meal and get a good bottle of wine. Don’t forget the candles, music and flowers to add a romantic touch. You can scatter rose petals around to make it look even better. You can buy a naughty walnut orange marble cake for dessert to make it even more special.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Surprise Romantic Weekend

Secretly plan a romantic weekend getaway for you and your man. Make all the necessary arrangements and make sure that you call his office so that he has that weekend off. To ensure that he doesn’t have a clue about the surprise, tell him that you’ve planned a day-trip, preferable something that isn’t too exciting. Once you leave the house, you can surprise him with the tickets and see his face light up. You can go off to spend a weekend of bliss together.

Surprise Him with Adventure

If your man isn’t much of a romantic and prefers adventure or sports, you can surprise him by planning something that he loves. If he loves adventure, plan a hike somewhere quiet and romantic, not to mention picturesque. Getting tickets to a game of his favorite sport will definitely make his day. There are many things that you can surprise him with if you want to do something special for him on your anniversary.

Create a Romantic Collage

This is something that you can either do on your own as a surprise or together as a couple. Get old photographs of the two of you together and create a collage or an album that you’ll both cherish forever. If you want to get him involved in the creation, it’s great too as you can both go through old pictures and remember all the memories that you’ve shared together.

To have the perfect anniversary, all you have to do is put in a little thought and the effort that you put in will make him feel like the luckiest man on earth.

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