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5 Best Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Gifts are the best ways to express warmth and affection towards your loved ones. Depending upon the occasion, you can select gifts from countless options available in stores. But, when we talk of anniversaries, most of the women get jitters, thinking what could they gift their spouse.

After all, the route to a man’s delight is not easy to find. However, here are some fascinating gifts that are sure to make your man jump off his seat, not due to a shock but out of amusement!

Best Anniversary Gifts For Guys

Make Way For The Geeks

Men are known to be the masters of geek world. Be it a phone, a calculator, a laptop, a video game or a tablet, men have a special room for these in their hearts.

Unlike women, who fall for cute looking bright things, men make choices based on hi-tech terms like processor, version, speed and blah, blah, the list goes on! The best way to take them back is gifting them a latest gadget. I know this means you are bringing “the other woman” in your house, but you can afford that, after all it’s your anniversary.

A Watch That Keeps On Running

Men follow a hectic schedule, which is ruled by the needles of watch. You will hardly see a man sans watch on his wrists. In this case, a watch can be a perfect gift to dwell on. Since men feel that watches define their personality and leave an impression on onlookers, they like it the classy way.

If you are on a high budget, you can always opt for a classic elite watch, otherwise just opt for watches which are in your budget but have the looks that are sure to woe your man. Team this with a greetings card that speaks your thoughts the best.

Anniversary cards

Dine In With Style

Forget about all those restaurants you usually dine at. Arrange for a private and romantic candle light dinner at your place. It is well said that the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach, so cook delicious appetites for him on your own. Dress up in clothes that your spouse loves the most on you. Play some magical songs in background and follow your dinner with perfect nut chocolates.

Ravishing Nutty Chocolate Collection

Cake, A Delight For The Sweet Tooth

Start your day with the regular household chores. Allow your spouse to begin his day in the normal way. Let him proceed to his workplace and think that you have hardly planned anything. Bake a delicious cake for him, if you are not good enough at it, you can order a Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Jump to his office with cake and a bouquet of flowers. This is sure to get him surprised.

The Alcoholic Treat

If your spouse has a thing for vintage champagnes and malt whiskeys, then there is nothing more pleasurable than gifting him his favorite limited edition alcoholic drink. You can take advice on it from a male friend of yours or just ask your spouse prior handed, without awaking his suspicion streak.

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