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5 Amazing Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali the season of brightly lit Indian bazaars and beautifully decorated homes with a breath of fresh air in each and every corner of the city. It’s the season of endless types of ‘mithais’ and get together parties. It is that time of the year where you unconditionally shower your near and dear ones with gifts, a way of thanksgivings which has been in practice since time immemorial. So what’s your plan for Diwali gifts this season, confused?

While the markets are all geared up for the biggest festival, it becomes imperative for you to pick the most appropriate items.  There is a plethora of Diwali gifts shelved in the stores, all tagged with discounts and other lucrative offers. However, depending upon individual choices and budget, you may have to execute a couple of permutations to finalize.

Attractive Diwali Gift Ideas

Lamps & Shades

What better idea than intricately decorated lamp shades or specially crafted Diva stands could complement the festival of lights. Variety of styles and sizes are available in abundance which can easily fit into your budget as well. Lamps, Lamps with shades, Diyas, Diya stands, Candle stands, floating Diyas, Corner stands etc; the diversity of options goes long. A nicely decorated bouquet of Chocolate Boxes along is a great idea.

Attractive Treat of Chocolate Hearts

Religious Gifts

Religious figures and figurines specially Laxmi and Ganesha are believed to bring good luck to the household, Laxmi being the goddess of wealth and prosperity and Ganesha being the lord of good luck as the’ vighnaharta’ .  Gone are the times when only Granny and other older people plunged at such gifts. Now days these are also available in the form of 3d art and other art manipulations, that has enhanced their popularity amongst youngsters and even children. go for these traditional items but with a twist. Dry fruits are an integeral part of worship ceremonies. Attaching Dry Fruit Hampers along would complement the essence.

The Colourful Combo of Dry Fruits


Yes of course how can forget our traditional way of celebrating a auspicious occasion. Sweets especially homemade chocolates come in various decorative packing custom made for the festivities of Diwali. The markets are flooded with all kinds of sweets but nothing can beat chocolates draped in beautiful packing. Many designers are offering their services to create custom made Chocolate boxes to give that unique touch to your token of gratitude.

Surprise Your Beloved with Tantalizing Chocolates


Nothing like a gift of life! What is more special than adding a new member to the family? It is very rightly said that kids and pets teach you how to love unconditionally. Express your love and care with the little innocent pug that would ensure smiles all around till the next Diwali comes. Believe us, your kids would cherish this gift forever. You can tie a small jar of cookies with a beautiful ribbon around the neck!



Gone are the times when electronics were an expensive affair. Ofcourse they continue to be today but then cheaper alternatives have found a following too.  An electronic item (specially branded) will always be useful to each and everyone in each and every situation.

Baker’s Delight Cake 1 Kg

Just do a little ground work on fetching the most appropriate commodity that matches the person’s wish list. A smartphone, LED TV, Gaming console and other house appliances all have attractive offers.  Accompany the gadget with delicious Cakes.

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