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4 Useful Newborn Gift Baskets

With the birth of a newborn, happiness and love surrounds the life of the parents, relatives and other family members who rejoice immensely as they welcome the newborn into their family.

If you too are joining a family in the celebrations of the arrival of a newborn, then you must carry a gift basket for the baby to show your love, care and affection for him. You can choose from these 4 most useful newborn gift baskets to gift the child and make the parents feel special.

Beautiful And Useful Newborn Gift Baskets 

Clothes Gift Basket 

A huge basket consisting of lots of clothes for the new born depending on the sex of the child will prove to be a great gift. You can buy clothes of different sizes so that the parents can use the clothes one by one as the baby gradually grows in size.And you can carry a nice Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake which is so freshly baked that it will immediately melt in your mouth and bring a smile on the new parents as soon as they see it. It has loads of walnut in it and has a nice orange flavor to it which is simply irresistible.

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake

Toys Gift Baskets 

Another great gift basket would be that of toys where you can purchase toys of different colors, sizes and shapes and get them beautifully decorated in a basket. You can buy toys which emit different sounds and noises as such toys will attract a newborn and he will wish to play with it.You can also gift the Delectable Cookie-Cake Combo along with this gift basket as this will make the new parents feel special and complete your gift.

Delectable Cookie cake Combo

It has a unique combination of deliciously tasting chocolate pistachio drop cookies and a fresh plum cake, making it the perfect choice for cake and cookie lovers.

Bath Accessories Gift Basket 

A gift basket which contains all the bath accessories for a newborn can prove to be an attractive and useful gift for the newborn. You can combine items like bath soap, shampoo, powder, cream, lotion, combs, oil and toys for bath time and get them decorated in a nice looking basket. The new parents will be extremely pleased with such a gift basket.Just drop in a box of Royal Chocolate Delight Collection which is a 16pc box which contains flavors like pure bitter dark, mocha fruit, milk dark, white, milky French chocolates that can make a special occasion of the birth of a child even more special and pamper the new parents a little!

Royal Chocolate Delight Collection

General Accessories Gift Basket 

Though the name sounds simple, this basket can prove to be the most useful and handy gift basket for any new parents. Include everyday use items like bibs, diapers, spoon and fork set, plastic bowls, handkerchiefs, tether along with a nice nappy bag which the new parents can use to carry their baby’s stuff when they go out of the house with the baby.

New Elegant Collection

All you need to do is buy a New Elegant Collection which is a complete surprise in every bite as it contains exotic flavors like dark vanilla rich fantasy, nutty praline, mocha chocolate, ginger candy, dark cinnamon fantasy and orange chocolate to name a few. The new parents will surely relish the box and enjoy the sweet moment thoroughly!

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