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4 Exotic Engagement Party Gifts

An engagement is the first step that a couple takes when becoming one in holy matrimony. An engagement means the union of two individuals who will soon be married and will spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Often parents throw a huge engagement party for their children who are getting engaged. If you too are being made witness to such an engagement party, choose from these 4 exotic engagement party gifts and show your love for the new couple!

Superb & Exotic Engagement Party Gifts For Newly Engaged Couple

Romantic Dinner Voucher

After the engagement is done, a couple wishes to spend time together in privacy. By gifting them a romantic dinner voucher for 2 people at an exotic restaurant, you allow them to spend a magical evening with each other without any disturbance! They are sure to remember you during their dinner! And you can also gift them a box of Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates which will make their meal complete and add to the sweetness in their lives.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

This huge box contains 25 chocolate pieces flavored with amazing flavors like orange, hazelnut, rose, strawberry and raspberry which will make the new couple fall in love again.


Flowers can be the perfect gift for any occasion. They smell a sweet fragrance in the lives to who it is gifted and also makes the person special. This gift will surely bring a smile on the just engaged couples face which will stay on! Flowers seem absolutely incomplete without chocolates, don’t they? This is why we advice you to combine a Cake Blended Baked Cookies Box along with the flowers to make the new couple’s evening even more wonderful. Packed with the goodness of a plum cake and home-baked cookies, they are sure to relish every bite they take!

Naughty Walnut Orange Marble Cake


As the engaged couple take the first step of togetherness, you can gift them a set of watches, 1 each for the man and woman which will remind them of the love and deep bond that they share. If you feel that the watches would not be enough, all you need to do is order an Amazing Chocolate Box and give it to the engaged couple.

Amazing Chocolate Box

This unique box contains unique flavors like that of mocha chocolate, cashew dark, ginger candy and almond purist and is something that has an absolutely new taste to it. You are sure to keep one box for yourself as well!

Spa Vouchers

After all the hectic arrangements of the engagements, the newly engaged couple deserves a full day in each other’s company as they relax and unwind completely. Gift the couple a spa voucher and let them pamper themselves at a good spa in your city!

Divine Classic Chocolate box

Don’t forget to drop in a Divine Classic Chocolate Box along with the spa vouchers which the engaged couple can relish while enjoying the spa. This box is loaded with raisins which have been coated with chocolate generously along with some unique flavors like fruit and nut rocks, hazel and French biscuit praline, dark fruit and nut and orange chocolate that have been blended with chocolates!

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