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4 Best Gifts for a Newborn

A newborn is the most special thing that happens in a couple’s life. A child brings happiness, love and makes the family complete. The parents try to offer their child the best of everything.

If you are thinking what you should gift a newborn, you really need to make it special; as special as the child himself/herself is. You can choose from these 4 best gifts for a newborn, which are not only attractive but also prove to be extremely useful as well.

Attractive and Superb Gifts For a Newborn


Clothes form one of the most useful gifts for a newborn as parents love to dress up their child in different ways. Depending on the sex of the newborn, you can gift the child t-shirts, pants, jeans, dresses, frocks, night suits, body suits and rompers which are sure to be loved by the parents of a newborn.

Instead of giving the newborn just the clothes, team it up with an Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc Collection which has a variety of flavors like passion fruit, orange, hazelnut, mocha and French biscuit. The taste of each chocolate is going to linger in the mouth of the new parents and they are sure to ask you for more!

Exquisite Chocolate 12 Pc. Collection box


Being extremely common but cute to gift, toys of all sorts are another great way of welcoming the little one into the world. Rattles, soft toys, mobile shaped toys, light and sound emitting toys, push and pull toys and balls of different sizes will surely become the newborn’s best friends as time passes by.

Make a combination of these toys and a Sophisticated Chocolate collection which is a 16 Pc chocolate box set comprising of dark and light chocolates who try to win their hearts with the delicious flavor and aroma of fresh chocolates. Flavors which can be found in this box are cashew, caramel/raisin, butter scotch and almonds.

Sophisticated Chocolate Collection gift box

Toiletries and Accessories

If you think that toys and clothes are too common, make a huge hamper with all the basic necessities for the newborn. Diapers, milk bottles, oils, bibs, cream, lotion, comb, brush, toothbrush, wipes, shampoo, bath toys, bath tub, washcloths, napkins and a hooded towel will together make this hamper complete.

If you feel that this is not enough, go for a Heavenly Plum and Nutty Mix with the hamper to complete the gift. A combination of plum cake and bishop nut cookies is just what the new parents need to celebrate the arrival of their little one. It stays fresh for months, provided you can resist them for that long!

 Heavenly Plum and Nutty Mix

Furniture Pieces

A newborn will soon have his own room which will have to be done up keeping in mind the newborn’s unique needs and requirements. Gifting a newborn with a nice cot, small bed, colorful drawer and almirah sets and small dressing table with a chair that fits the child’s size can prove to be quite useful.

Festive Cookie Assortment box

Along with the furniture items, go for a Festive Cookie Assortment which is a delicious assorted cookie box consisting of 6 different types of cookies. Flavors like corn flakes, dark chocochip, oatmeal cookies, purist chocolate cookies and german fruit cookies are just not going to leave your mind and you will keep on asking for more.

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