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18th Birthday Ideas For Cakes

Not every day does one turn eighteen? And when it does, then it has to be in style! What better way to do it than through cakes! Everyone loves cakes and birthdays bring in that special cause to revel in the sweet delight all the more!

You may have heard of the cream laden conventional cakes for birthday, but for 18th birthday, it just wouldn’t be prudent to stick to something conventional. This is the time to be experimental with life and so with cakes! Let’s see what you can get, if you have somebody turning eighteen!

18th Birthday Ideas For Cakes

Birthday Cakes With Fudge Icing Cum Caramel Are A Lot To Think

If your child is a shy one, yet loves to indulge in sweet sensations, especially with cakes, which are a little experimented with, then try out cakes with fudge icing for his/her birthday. Try a caramel cake, which is typically a butter cake sandwiched in between layers of thick gooey caramel fudge icing. Keep a beautiful Real feather rose for decor.

Real feather rose

Similarly, cakes like vanilla cake or Smith island cake with caramel chocolate fudge icing is a great way to bring on the eighteenth year. The cakes have the typical favorite chocolate icing of the youngsters, while they also have a twist in the form of a caramel. It gives the cake a little chewy texture of its own.

Red Velvet Cake Is A Chocolate Vanilla Crossover Cake

If your child loves chocolate, but is fed up with those typical excessive chocolaty cakes, then bring in on a cake that has a light note of chocolate, without the doing it overboard! Red velvet cake has a dash of good cocoa in the making, but the sour cream in it gives an edge over the chocolate flavor. In addition to that, the vanilla flavored cream cheese filling and icing just take the chocolate boredom away. The icing or sandwiching is not butter cream or chocolate, but a unique tangy yet sweet cream icing.  Keep a cute looking gift along with the cake like maybe a cute I love you teddy to express your warmth.

i love you teddy

Lemon Meringue Cake

This is a great experiment for the youngsters. They are alive and full of vigor to try on the good and unique things in life. This cake celebrates such youngsters. Bring on a lemon meringue cake, which will have the tangy, yet sweet thick lemon curd filling, with a crumbly yet sweet vanilla flavored meringue. Instead of the creamy cake, the lemon meringue cake looks unique with its crumble, collapsing layer of meringue, crushing onto a yellowish river of lemon curd.

Rich Dry Fruit Cakes Also Break In The Monotony

If you thought that rich fruit cakes are a matter of Christmas, then think again! It’s time to break the stereotype mould and bring in this cake for a birthday party. At times, your youngster may feel too childish about the cream laden and themed cakes, so why not keep it simple with a rich dry fruit cake. The cake being uniced, remains simple, yet the excess dry fruits overload, retains the celebratory feel to it. Try the baker’s pride dry fruit cake or the chef special dry fruit plum cake. Also Naughty walnut orange marble cake is a good option.

Baker’s Pride Dry Fruit Cake

Eighteen Is The Age Of Indulgence, So Try The Alcohol Cake

Eighteen means adult, so let your child learn the art of being an adult with some alcohol. This is sheer indulgence, with a lot less to worry on the parent’s part. Try the alcohol fed cakes like rum or brandy cakes to ring in celebration into the life of your now, adult child. Right from cakes to cheesecakes, alcohol are found in numerous birthday flavors.

Try Guinness chocolate cheesecake or Bailey’s Irish cream cake or a chocolate kahlua cake for birthday. Keeping a Birthday teddy, along side the cake will help him to know that though the indulgence spells an adult, the teddy tells him that he is still a child.

Birthday Teddy

Celebrating your child’s 18th birthday through any of these cakes and make it a grand event in his or her life. Trust me, it will be a memorable one.

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