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10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

Flowers, soft toys, candle light dinner etc. sounds too old school for Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day, do something unusual. If the task seems daunting, then try something easier. Maybe trying to go unusual with your Valentine Day gifts, could be a way of being different. This means using unusual, rather unique gifts to celebrate the day of love.

Chuck the typical lovey-dovey gifts and bring on some difference. Choose some unique gifts and surprise your Valentine on this day. You can get a little creative or naughty and choose a variety of gifts. However, if your brain has gone all frozen in confusion, then just check out a few ideas shared below. These are not just unique, but are equally flattering for your Valentine. Try it out this season and see your Valentine fall for you, once again!

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Liquor filled chocolates

Chocolates sound cliché, but gifting chocolates with a difference maybe not. This Valentine’s Day, go creative. Instead of gifting liquor or pure chocolates, try to amalgamate the goodness of both the elements in one. Gift your Valentine a box of liquor filled chocolates and make him swoon! You can opt for the 18 Pc. chocolate extravaganza truffle box, to surprise your Valentine.

18 Pc. chocolate extravaganza truffle box

This sinful treat from Chocholik, consists of chocolates in a wide variety of flavors, including rum, cocoa rich truffle, mocha truffle, coconut truffle and five spice truffle. Their sophisticated chocolate collection and authentic assortment of heavenly chocolates is a must gift for your chocoholic Valentine.

Expensive Bed Linen

This is the time set your expectations rolling. Try gifting presents, which will be made into good use. If romance is what’s on your mind, then spending a little on silk spreads or extravagant bed linens may be good. Try Egyptian cotton or silk for comfort and choose a good brand to splurge on. Your Valentine will understand the feelings behind your gift and may appreciate you with something more than ‘Thanks’.


It may sound like a taboo, but hey this is the time to buy good lingerie for your Valentine. Let him/ her know about your taste. Get something naughty and branded, so that it’s win-win situation for both the gift giver and the receiver.

Spa treatment

Valentine’s Day is all about relaxing and basking in each other’s company. A good way to start is by indulging in a sheer relaxing spa treatment. Use a Spa voucher, as a premium gift, for your Valentine. Your Valentine will be floored with this pampering treatment. This will be a good investment for the rest of the day as well. Choose a known and good quality spa for some quality services.

Plan a Trekking or Camping Trip

If you and Valentine share those adventure vibes, then planning an adventurous getaway maybe a good romantic plan. Plan a trekking or a camping trip, where you have the mountain climbing, or rock climbing or simple a bonfire amidst a forest well planned. This may spike up both of yours adrenalin. Let you Valentine be caught up in the spirit of adventure. Gifting this travel plan will perhaps be the most memorable gift for a Valentine, who is a true adventurer.

Investment plan

This may sound unromantic, but let’s look at this way. You might have given each probably everything by now, so why not give something useful and sensible. Investments by way of a policy plan or insurance plan may sound ridiculous to some, but it is quite handy for all those couple, who wish to remain happy and in love, backed by a healthy financial position. This Valentine’s Day, splurge on something useful, which can be appreciated by both of you.

Written word

Let romance flow out through your creative juices. If you love writing, then write a few lines in his or her appreciation, stating how much he/she means to you. It could be a poem, a couplet or a short story or a paint something that highlights your love. This is the day to express your love, so use your talent to express it. This will be more genuine and meaningful, not to mention unique as well, for this Valentine’s Day.

Go eco-friendly

It may be the day to express your love to your Valentine, but it is also the day to shower your love in a way your Valentine can understand. If your Valentine is not material kind, and is more of a hobbyist, then doing something towards encouraging the same, might be a good gift.

For instance, if your boyfriend or girlfriend loves plants and the very idea of going green, then this Valentine’s Day, spread the cheer and help planting trees with your Valentine. This could be quite touching and a meaningful gift as well. So grab hold of some nice looking plants and gift it your Valentine. After all, your Valentine has to know that you appreciate him for what he does.

Go Charitable

If charity and philanthropy is what’s in the mind, then donating some money or clothes or anything, in the name of your Valentine, could be a good gift, to highlight you care. Let your Valentine be a part of this idea and share your spirit. This way he or she will know that you really care and doing good things in her honor will really impress him or her.

Spend the Day Showering Care

Let him/her be the boss for the day. You need not do anything extraordinary, but simply do the chores that sums up your Valentine’s Day. Right from preparing breakfast, they way he/she likes, to doing the chores, running errands, packing lunch, dropping children to school, finishing their odd jobs etc. might be the thing.

If you really want to impress your Valentine, then getting into his shoes will be all. This is the day to ensure him/her that you are the one and he/she couldn’t do anything without you. This is one sure shot gift that you can possibly gift to your Valentine. It will not just be meaningful, but will earn you lots of token of appreciations throughout the day and for many years to come.

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