Top 4 Corporate Diwali Gifts In Chandigarh

Have you planned gifts for this Diwali? Here are some of the tempting gifts that are absolutely fit for Diwali festive season. Corporate gifts are special and have to be unique from the regular gifts. And when it’s Diwali, one really has to think great that would add up to the celebration and enjoyment to the festival. Diwali is a festival of celebration. The day itself brings so much happiness around that one never forgets till the next Diwali. On this day, one can make the boss, manager or colleagues happier by gifting them attractive things. (more…)


5 Stunning Diwali Party Theme Ideas

Diwali is the grandest, the shiniest, the most awaited and the most cheerful festival of the country. It is almost similar to Thanksgiving in the US, except for that people don’t just reunite with their family and relatives; they also reach out to old friends, neighbours and colleagues and celebrate the festival in a happy and pompous fashion. (more…)


Delicious No Sugar Chocolates

Chocolate is a weakness of almost everyone. One cannot remain without eating the wonderful chocolates. But when it comes to diabetic patients, they have to say no to these yummy chocolates because of the sugar content. One can know their feelings when someone sitting by their side is enjoying the tasty chocolates of different flavours. They feel it difficult but have to kill that tempting desire within them. In such cases, no sugar chocolates become wonder gifts for those who cannot eat chocolates having sugar content. (more…)


Different Variety of Dark Chocolates

Chocolate is a much used component in desserts and beverages. They also make great gifts for any occasion. There are various kinds of chocolates, the basic being dark, white and milk. Each of these categories is further divided into sub categories. Dark chocolates are basically used as cooking chocolates and have very little milk content and is one of the hot favorites among the population. (more…)


Five Chocolate Pizza Ideas

Who doesn’t like pizzas? I am sure there are quite a few but the majority enjoy tucking into this wholesome,  high calorie  meal. Pizza lovers have a variety of toppings to choose but how many have seen or tasted ones made of chocolate?Some gourmet chocolatiers create pizzas made from and with chocolates. (more…)

Four Chocolate And Nuts Combo

Four Chocolate And Nuts Combo

Do you consider yourself a nut person? Do you keep a jar of roasted peanuts or cashews on your desk? Does a pack of almonds or hazelnuts have a permanent place in your handbag? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should definitely try different nut combos. (more…)

Four Quality Chocolates

Four Quality Chocolates

There are everyday chocolate bars and candy and then there are Belgian chocolates. What makes these chocolates so special and why are they considered high quality? The answer is simple. The finest and best of cocoa beans are selected. The chocolate or couventure created from the beans is then turned into various products you see in (more…)


How To Make Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate are small round balls made of chocolate, butter and cream. These ganaches – a velvety mixture of cream and chocolate – have different flavors including nuts, fruit puree, liqueur, coffee, spices, dry fruits or extracts added to them. (more…)

Belgian Chocolates

Five Handmade Chocolates To Savour

You often see online and brick-and-mortar sites advertising their handmade products. When it comes to clothes or jewelry, handmade makes perfect sense to you. But the uninitiated is sure to ask this question, while sinking their teeth into one of the many popular chocolate bars. What are handmade chocolates? (more…)


Five Dark Chocolate With Nuts

Dark chocolate are healthy but are they tasty? Frankly, that depends upon your taste buds. If you like your chocolates sweet, you may not appreciate the dark ones with high cocoa content.  If that’s the case, you can try the ones with less of cocoa beans and more of other ingredients. (more…)


Different Types Of Rocks For Mother’s Day

If you are looking for rocks aka precious stones, you’ve come to the right and wrong place. You will find rocks, precious ones at that, at but not the gemstone kind. The rocks featured here are ones that appeal to your visual sense and your taste buds. (more…)


How To Make White Chocolate

White Chocolate, the delightful, buttery and sugary treat  isn’t technically considered chocolate. It gets a wildcard entry into the chocolate family simply because of cocoa butter – one of the main ingredients used. The lack of cocoa beans gives it the whitish color that sets it apart from dark and milk chocolate. You can try the white chocolate collection at (more…)


Five Best Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars – the very sight of one fills a chocoholic or an infrequent indulger with delight. How many of you have quickly snapped off a small square and gobbled it up when no one is watching? Quite a few have done it at some point or the other. That is the magic of chocolate bars. (more…)


Five Luxury Chocolate Brands

The intense aroma and tempting flavors makes chocolates very hard to resist. For every affordable chocolate variety available in the market today, there are luxurious pieces created by some of the best chocolatiers and chocolate brands in the world. (more…)


Two Delicious Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Love chocolates and cannot do without your Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake or Plum Cake Blended Baked Cookies BOX? Now you can try a variety of healthy chocolate recipes at home that are delicious and won’t have you worried about the weighing scale. (more…)


Enticing Red Chocolates

You can find chocolates in varied colors, shapes and even find other foods dipped in plain or colored chocolate. Have you ever walked by a candy store or a shop that stocks chocolates only to stop in your tracks and admire the colored pieces? Chances are, you have, and ended up wondering how the product, essentially brown or white, gets the vivid colors. (more…)


Five Artisan Chocolates To Savour

You often hear the terms; specialty chocolates, fine chocolates and artisan chocolates? Before we get into the discussion of the finest, artisan chocolates in the world, we need to know what they actually mean. A high percentage of chocolate in the finished products doesn’t automatically qualify it as artisan.

What are artisan chocolates?

There are dark, milky and white varieties of artisan chocolates in various forms including bars, truffles, pralines, disks and rocks and hearts.  Let us look at the process of producing chocolates that pass muster. Artisan chocolates are made using the best quality cocoa beans, that are often cultivated in a single estate or come from a single country.

The chocolate maker turns these beans into high quality couverture. Chocolatiers, specially trained in the art of producing handmade chocolates, add minimal ingredients to produce chocolates with texture and flavor. These are made in small quantities  and retain the original aroma of the cocoa bean. Before we travel the world in search of artisan chocolates, you can see the artisan sampling at

Five Artisan Chocolates to Savour

Geert Decoster – Centho Chocolates, Belgium

How can we talk about artisan chocolates and forget Belgium chocolatiers, the makers of some of the finest chocolates in the world? The artisan chocolates created by Geert Decoster, who owns Centho Chocolates, are considered connoisseur pieces. His layered ganaches have won him worthy praise from the diners at the Ritz and Dorchester hotels in the U.K.
His chocolates have their own personality, flavor and texture. Centho Chocolates use a mix of cocoa beans sourced from different parts of South America and Africa. There are different flavors available to suit each chocolate lover’s palate, not to mention the attractive packaging used to sell these chocolates. Do partake in some rich, Belgian chocolates Fiesta Chocolate Rocks containing hazel nut rocks.

Fiesta Chocolate Rocks

Pacari Chocolates, Educador

Pacari Chocolates  based in Educador is a family owned company. The business philosophy seeks to ensure that their chocolates products support the environment and the local community. This is done by preserving and using the native cocoa beans – Arriba Nacional. These single origin chocolates, the first of their kind, are made in Ecuador itself. The small batches, selected ingredients and quality control ensures a classic and truly artisan final product.

These rich pralines from the Quintessential collection 25 Pc Box presented in a beautiful wooden box should please your eyes and taste buds.


Richard Donnelly Fine Chocolates, USA

The hallmark of Richard Donneley chocolates are unusual ingredients and flavors. French and Belgian couverture is used and ingredients including lavender, cardamon, saffron, and Earl Grey tea are added to it. His white chocolate varieties using nuts and honey are equally popular.

Innovative techniques aside, he produces limited quantity of  chocolate, around 50 pounds in a day. This helps preserve quality and freshness. Looking for something in different  flavors, try the Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates, a 25 pc box with enticing flavors that include raspberry  strawberry and hazelnut.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Richart Bomboni, France

These artisan chocolates are proof of commitment to quality and refinement in addition to experiments with flavors and textures. Richart Bomboni is considered as one of the finest chocolate makers in France. The chocolates often come in distinctive colors and designs giving them a stunning visual effect. His finest collection is a burlwood vault that comes with seven drawers filled with chocolates. There are humidity and temperature gauges in the vault that help maintain the freshness and taste of the chocolates, and all this at a cost of $850.

Amedei – Chauo Chocolates, Italy

These artisan chocolates with a unique fruity flavor are made from the Venezuelan cocoa bean – Chuao. Alessio Tessier, the owner of Amedie, holds exclusive rights to the plantation where this bean is grown.  The Chauo Chocolates formulated by his chocolatier sister are considered not just the best, but one of the most expensive chocolates in the world.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Want to seek your teeth into some fine, expensive chocolates? Go in for the Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment, a 30 pc praline collection made with passion fruit, mocha, nuts and other ingredients.


Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Order Chocolates Online

Diamonds are over-rated, it is actually Chocolates that are and always have been “women’s best friend.” You need special occasions to flaunt diamonds, but chocolates you can have them anywhere and everywhere. Even science has proved that chocolates are great mood-boosters and some of its variants like dark-chocolate also help reduce weight if consumed in proper quantities. (more…)

Belgian Chocolates

Fresh Belgian Chocolates

There are the regular chocolate bars, homemade chocolates, French and Swiss chocolates, and then there is the Belgian Chocolate considered by many, and with good reason as the king of chocolates. The various products at Chocholik are made from the best Belgian chocolates.

High Quality Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates don’t come cheap. What sets the Belgian chocolates apart other than the high price tag are the quality of the ingredients used, the technique and the training.
The finest ingredients are used – the best cocoa beans from Africa and corverture chocolate made in Belgium itself. These chocolates do not contain preservatives.

Try some chocolate sampling at Chocholik made from premium Belgian chocolates such as the 18 Pc Finest chooclate Assortment Box or the Finest Chocolates Gift Pack.

18 Pc Finest chooclate Assortment Box

Belgian Chocolate Making Technique

Most chocolatiers in Belgium prefer to use traditional machinery and handmade techniques  to make their chocolates. The heating process and transportation of the couverture creates a marked difference in the quality. Ground cocoa beans are added to coca butter and sugar and carefully heated to give a smooth texture to the mixture. The resulting couverture  is transported in special heat tankers eliminating the need for reheating and helps retain the freshness and aroma.

Famous Belgian Brands and Chocolate Makers

There are over 2000 shops in Belgium offering a variety of chocolate types and flavours. A visitor to Belgium can participate in chocolate tours which includes visits to chocolate shops, chocolate tasting and receiving special chocolate souvenirs.

Some of the popular brands, which are available around the globe include Neuhans, Leonidas, Godiva, Guylian, Callebaut and Côte d’Or. Internationally acknowledged chocolatiers include Pierre Marcolini, Jean Galler and Dominique Persoone. Locals and tourists heap praise on smaller chocolatiers as well.

Some of the popular ones in Brussels – the Belgian capital – include  Wittamer, Laubach and Irsi. Those who can’t source the chocolates directly from Belgium can try the Chocholik’s Belgian collection such as the Assortment of Exotic Chocolate.

Assortment of Exotic Chocolates

Types of Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates are available in the usual commercial forms. But, it is the traditional chocolate types that make them world famous. The two types attributed to Belgium are chocolate pralines and chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Pralines

European pralines are different from what is available in the US. These pralines are made of chocolate shells with a centre that is filled with flavored creams and nougats including chocolate, coffee, hazelnut and fruit.

These were the original creations of Jean Neuhaus, Belgium’s most famous chocolatier, who was Swiss by origin and picked up an old  French technique to make the chocolate pralines.
Try the chocolate sampling at Chocholik such as Luxurious Selection Assortment, a gourmet gift of chocolate pralines.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are made with a ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder, chopped nuts and icing sugar. They can be conical, spherical or curved in shape. Ganache can be replaced with filling including cream, nuts, melted chocolate, fruits, nougats and even liquer.

Belgian truffles are different from their Swiss and American counterparts. Try the Chocholik collection of truffles such as the Extreme Chocolate Collection in 25 different flavours.

Extreme Chocolate Collection

There are other types of Belgian chocolates. The latte milk chocolate is made with coffee, coca and milk solids. The medaillons or disks are made with fruit, nuts and spice flavours. Sea shell shaped chocolates have shells made of  chocolate and nut filling as the praline inside. Not all Belgian chocolates are dark, you will find heart shaped milk chocolates too. Choose from the Sopishticated Chocolate Collection or the mediant collection of Perfect Chocolate Assortment.

How to Enjoy Your Belgian Chocolates

Belgian chocolates make wonderful and exquisite gift choices. Choose a quiet spot and unwrap the gift box. Pick a piece based on your favourite  flavour. Take in the enticing aroma of the chocolate. Relish the chocolate in slow, small bites. Share with a loved one or family to enhance the experience. These chocolates will have you coming back for more.


List Of Cheap But Delicious Chocolates

It is not necessary that everything good needs to come in costly packages. Certain things can be  cheap but good. We generally have the notion that we settle for cheap things when the budget or the price of the item crosses our limits and often we agree with lower quality thing. (more…)

Chocolates For The Diabetics

Amazing Chocolates For The Diabetics

Diabetes ruins us of most of the happiness that we could have experienced in our normal lives. We are not only put on a high alert always but also imposed with many restrictions regarding our food habits. But when it comes to chocolates it is an unobjectionable sin. At the same time we need to be careful about not to exceed in the sugar levels. (more…)