Top 4 Diwali Gift Hampers

Diwali is an auspicious occasion which is full of enjoyment and celebration. Gifting on a festive occasion like Diwali would be a pleasant idea. Sharing gifts with relatives and friends is a common thing on Diwali. On Diwali, gift hampers can be great to present them to the dear ones. The gift hampers spread happiness all around. They are beautiful and look very attractive. (more…)

5 Diwali Gifts For Your Grandmother

Grandmothers are the most lovely and adorable members of the family, always smiling and charming with their wit and culinary delicacies. Wondering what to gift your grandmother this Diwali? Have you gone through a lot of options but nothing seems suitable or attractive enough? (more…)

5 Amazing Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali the season of brightly lit Indian bazaars and beautifully decorated homes with a breath of fresh air in each and every corner of the city. It’s the season of endless types of ‘mithais’ and get together parties. It is that time of the year where you unconditionally shower your near and dear ones with gifts, a way of thanksgivings which has been in practice since time immemorial. So what’s your plan for Diwali gifts this season, confused? (more…)

Wedding Chocolate Favors Ideas

A lot goes into planning a wedding. Every detail needs to be planned right up to the plate designs. Even if a wedding planner is hired, the couple is not spared the tension and fret of planning the perfect wedding. This is because the wedding day is a very important day in their lives and the most important in their relationship. It is a day when a couple is ready to commit to each other for life and want to do it in front of their friends and family. (more…)

Unique Gift Baskets Of Chocolate

Presentation is the key to an attractive gift basket but doesn't stop at that when it comes to chocolates. You have to choose pieces that stand out and yet pander to diverse tastes. You may be sending it to an individual but rest assured that they aren't the only ones who will be enjoying these divinely tasting pieces. Here are some unique ideas for chocolate baskets. These ideas are not based on occasions or tastes but different chocolate combinations chosen from the products at

Five Baskets Of Chocolate Gift Ideas

Dark and White Chocolate Basket

Dark and white chocolate are two extremes in terms of color and taste. Dark has the maximum cocoa content while white chocolate contains everything except cocoa. This kind of combination can be gifted on any occasion and to anyone who loves both types of chocolates. Choose a basket with the Special Chocolate Collection made of dark rocks and mediants and the  fruit flavored 16 pc. Chocolate Bonanza Gift Box containing white chocolate pieces. Combine the nuts, milk and cream based Eternal Chocolate Gift Box with the nut flavored Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment that is made with the finest, dark Belgian couventure.

Luxurious Selection Chocolate Assortment

Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Basket

You can play safe when it comes to chocolate baskets by gifting boxes that contain dark, milk and white chocolate. This type of gift is ideal for corporate or formal occasions when individual tastes are not discernible. The Assortment of Exotic Chocolates has pralines in different fruit flavors. The 9 pc Ravishing Chocolate Collection is made of fruit and nut flavored ones and pure dark ones. Quintessential collection 25 Pc Box is a box that has pralines in a variety of fruit flavors. Choose any two of these boxes to complete your gift basket.


Rocks and Mediants Basket

These can be enjoyed by anyone who loves chocolates. These are basically nuts such as almonds and hazelnut and fruits such as strawberry and passion fruit covered in layers of chocolate. You  gift will be relished given the crunchy, juicy taste of these rocks and mediants made from the finest Belgian chocolate. Choose a box of rocks from the Chocolate Almond Rocks or Delicious Rocks Gift Collection. Add a box of mediants from the 12 Pc. Assorted Mendiants Box or the Special Chocolate Collection to the basket.

Chocolate Almond Rocks

Fruit and Nut Bar Basket

A gift basket of fruit and nut flavored bars is suitable for most occasions, especially as birthday, festival and corporate gifts. Add a couple of these fruit and nut mix bars in your next gift purchase from

Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift Box

Choose two or more of these fruit and nutty bars - Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar Gift BoxMarshmellow and Blueberry Bar Gift Box and Dark Chocolate Raisin Bar Gift Pack. If the ones receiving the gift are health conscious, gift them a basket of  the Sugar Free Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar Gift Pack and the 70% Dark Chocolate Bar Gift Box.

Gourmet Chocolate Basket

The fruit or nut filled ganaches coated in dark or white chocolate make unique gift choices for special occasions and events.

12 Pc. Minty Diamond

Choose a couple of 9 or 12 piece boxes from the Pista Paraline ChocolateNutty MarbleOrange Chocolate or Minty Diamond collection to create an attractive and delectable chocolate gift basket.

Best Gifts Of Gourmet Chocolate

Gourmet chocolates are the ultimate in chocolate when comes to quality of the ingredients used, the process of making these exquisite pieces and the visually appealing design. They assault your food related senses but in a good way. (more…)

Best Chocolate Truffle Gift Boxes

Chocolate truffles are delightful and tempting spherical or curved lumps of cream and chocolate. They are usually coated in chocolate, chopped nuts, icing sugar or cocoa powder. Truffles can be made using bitter-sweet dark, milk and white chocolate. You will find ones that contain both familiar and exotic ingredients in the fillings inside. (more…)
Gifts Of Chocolates

Best Dark Chocolate Gifts

A lot of studies have been done on chocolates, given their popularity among human beings of all ages and gender. These confirm what chocolate lovers have always believed. Dark chocolates are healthy, carrying a load of benefits for those who eat them regularly but in small quantities. (more…)

Special Chocolate Gift Baskets

What does someone mean when they talk about ordering chocolate baskets? Are they talking about baskets made of chocolate? Not really, although there are artisan chocolatiers who create such edible food decorations. They are simply referring to gift hampers that come stuffed with chocolates and more chocolates. (more…)
Chocolate gifts

5 Best Luxury Chocolate Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for some special occasion then you might consider giving Luxury chocolate gifts. The rich and the smooth taste of these chocolates is sure to melt anyone’s heart. The attractive look and delicious taste of these chocolates can leave a lingering memory for a long time. (more…)
Gifts Of Chocolates

5 Best Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolates make great gifts as they are loved by everyone. They are one of the most popular gifts that seem to be suitable for a variety of occasions. If you are looking for chocolate gift ideas there are many choices out there to choose from to gift your friends and family. (more…)

5 Best Homemade Chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates and the best ones are quite expensive which cannot be bought everytime. So why not try your hand in preparing some homemade chocolates. Homemade chocolates can be fun to make and they are excellent for parties. With little effort they can be made at home. (more…)
Chocolate gifts

5 Best Gifts Of Chocolate

Giving chocolate as a gift can be a wonderful item that can be enjoyed by anyone. Over the centuries chocolates have been the preferred gifts on many occasions. There is no better way to show someone that you care than sending the person a gift of chocolates. Here are some of the best gifts of chocolate: (more…)

Unique Wedding Chocolates For Your Loved Ones

Weddings are special occasions and we all love to celebrate the moment in a special way. Be it for the new weds or the relatives everybody wants to have a share in the special moment. So what comes to your mind when you think of a wedding first? Of course, its presents or gifts! (more…)

A List Of Amazing Chocolate Gift Hampers

Chocolates are a favorite with everybody whether it is a man or a woman. We face so many occasions in our day to day lives like birthdays, anniversaries and most of the time remain unsure about the type of gifts or presents that could be purchased for the occasion. Chocolate gift hampers are a safe option. (more…)

Exclusive Gifts Ideas For The Corporate

Corporate occasions are not like other daily affairs. It involves sophistication and also represents your taste. When it comes to gifts for such occasions there can be many options. But chocolates are something that stands out from the rest. Chocolates not only sweeten your taste buds but also strengthen the relationship. (more…)

Expensive But Tempting Chocolates For Your Loved Ones

Nobody will say no to chocolates very easily. Even the most health conscious of the people sometimes tend to give in to the temptation. Chocolates come in many size and shapes. You could present a bar of simple chocolate or a packet of an expensive one. It depends on the occasion and your love towards the person that would decide the variety of chocolate you would like to splurge your money on. (more…)

Five Tasty Valentines Day Chocolates

Valentine's Day knocks at our doorstep each year. For some it brings joy; the joy of cementing a relationship or the excitement  and thrill of a new one. For others, it is a day to lie low nursing  a heartbreak or moaning  over their single status. Whether you spend  the day with a special someone, alone, or in a group of commiserating singles, chocolates can brighten up the darkest of moods and add an extra sparkle to the romance. (more…)

Eight Valentine Gifts For Men

Valentine’s Day is the day to express your feelings. Although, the concept may sound a little cliché to some, but still the idea is to enjoy and just go with the much hyped concept of celebrating love. After all, it’s just a break from monotony, so enjoy it all the more! (more…)

Top 4 Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts are some of the best gifts one can present to the dear ones. These are loved by everyone; from kids to adults. That’s why chocolates as gifts have become very common nowadays. These can be presented to the friends, relatives etc. on family occasions like birthday, wedding, engagement etc. and on festive occasions as well. (more…)

Top 5 Chocolate Candy Gifts

Candies are eatables that are completely irresistible and that everybody loves to taste. Especially, children are very fond of these candies. When these desirable candies are available in chocolate flavours, no one can stop eating the delicious and yummy candies. These chocolate candies are excellent sweets to present someone on an auspicious occasion. Gift these candies to the dear ones and please them with the love and affection.

Top Chocolate Candy Gifts

Ginger Candy

Candies with ginger flavour are very suitable for gifting someone on occasions like marriage, birthday etc. These candies have unique taste and flavour that would surely be loved by the one who has been presented a lovely collection of these candies as gift. The Ginger Candy White Ganache Chocolate is a perfect collection of candies that have chocolate flavour as well.

Ginger Candy White Ganache Chocolate

These candies contain white ganache chocolate and a dark chocolate layer from inside. These are tasty, yummy and innovative gifts.

Nutty Chocolate

Nutty chocolates contain nuts and fruits like raisins, walnuts, and almonds etc. that add extra flavour to the delicious chocolates. These are good for health as they have nutritional values. The Assorted Nutty Chocolate is a collection such kind of chocolates that are beautiful in shapes and sweet in tastes.

Assorted Nutty Chocolate

Though the ingredients in these chocolates are nuts but dark chocolate is also well coated. It is tempting and must have chocolate. It is highly recommended to consider it as a gift. It can be presented to adults while it is also suitable for kids as well.

Caramel Toffee

Toffee made up of caramel would surely stand among the rest of the candies. The Caramel Toffee is very tasty as well as tempting. Do consider gifting these toffees on festive occasions to the relatives. They would surely be going to remember the unique and memorable taste.

Caramel Toffee

This caramel toffee contains caramel mixed in dark chocolate with another layer of chocolate. The round ball shaped toffees get dissolved in the mouth when ingested, leaving behind the yummy chocolate flavour. Please the relatives with these wonderful caramel toffees on special occasions and spread happiness.

Spicy Chocolate

If one thinks that spice and chocolate have no connection with each other, one really should think twice. The Five Spice Truffle is a kind of chocolate that contains not one but five spices. It is really mouth watering and innovative as well. The chocolate also contains butter and cream to make it a delicious one.

Five Spice Truffle

Obviously, the taste is a unique one and would definitely leave a memorable taste in the minds of the one who tastes a bite of it. Gift the loved ones this sweet and spicy chocolate, and let them experience something creative and exclusive.

Heart Shaped Candies

Heart shaped candies are very suitable to gift on romantic occasions like wedding, engagement, valentine’s day etc. The Milky Hazelnut Praline Chocolate is one of such candies that contains milk, nut and chocolate.

Milky Hazelnut Praline Chocolate

These candies are of heart shaped and are extremely delicious. Another special thing about these candies is the milk chocolate that provide milky flavour.