10th Anniversary Gifts For Him

The 10th anniversary is the tin anniversary. It celebrates ten years in a marriage. Ten years is not a meager number. A marriage requires a lot of effort and hard work. This is because in a marriage there is not one but two people. Differences are bound to happen, but when one finds their soul mate, these differences do not matter. The tenth anniversary is a definite milestone in a marriage. (more…)


Ideas For 50th Anniversary Cakes

To spend half a century with the person you love is not an easy task. That is why the 50th anniversary holds special meaning, so special that it is referred to as the golden anniversary. This anniversary should be celebrated with a lot of grandeur and the couple may consider renewing their vows in front of their friends and family. (more…)


Exclusive Idea For Anniversary

The day one gets married is a very important day because on this day a person legally acknowledges a partner in their lives. This day marks the beginning of a new phase in a person’s life. As far as dates go, the wedding anniversary date is an essential one in any relationship. However old a relation might be, it is necessary to celebrate this day because it is a reminder of the vows and oaths taken by two people in love. (more…)


How to Throw a Wedding Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary comes once a year. While a few couples like to celebrate their anniversary with the company of just each other, a few like to involve their near and dear ones. As children, parties necessarily mean a lot of games. Adult parties on the other hand can get quite formal and dull. The key component in any party is energy. (more…)


Anniversary Present Ideas For The Couple

There is no end to celebrations. Whether it is birthdays or anniversaries or weddings, people love to celebrate each and every moment of it. After finishing a year or many of the relationship, couples love throwing parties so as to relive every moment of their togetherness. It is necessary to gift the couple beautiful stuffs, in order to show your love towards the relationship. Here are certain ideas that can be taken into consideration while choosing a gift for the beloved couple. (more…)

50 Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Celebration

Time flies when you are with someone special. 50 years is a very long time, and it definitely calls for a celebration. Want to plan a party for your grandparents, parents or an uncle and aunt. Here are some beautiful ideas for the celebration of a grand event like the 50th wedding anniversary. (more…)

Cute Birthday Gifts For Her

Romantic Ideas For Anniversary

When it comes to romance and showing love you are never too old for it. Anniversary is one of the best times to show your partner what they mean to you. No matter how busy you get with work or day to day life you still love and care for them. (more…)


Unique Second anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary is the most special day of the year; it is that day of the year which you look forward too. When it’s your second anniversary, you are no more newly married nor you have been married for too long, more the reason to celebrate. (more…)

50 Wedding Anniversary

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Ruby Wedding Anniversary means 40th wedding anniversary. Living together from the past 40 year with commitment and love is a wonderful reason for celebration. There are plenty of ideas like throwing a party, holiday, candle light dinner, decorating the house and many more, which you can do. (more…)


Fifth Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Marriages are made in heaven, but the knot is tied down here on earth. Anniversaries are really special; it becomes more special if it’s a 5th one. Celebrating your 5th anniversary shows how strong and solid your relationship is. These are the 2 things that show the sign of a happy married life. (more…)

Ideas For Anniversary Party

Ideas For Anniversary Party

A wedding anniversary is a great reason for celebration but throwing a bash every year is expensive and may not be possible for everyone. Now when you have planned for throwing a party on anniversary then you should move ahead with all preparations and make it an amazing party. (more…)


Anniversary Party Games

Anniversaries take place one or more years later on the same date the wedding took place. They fundamentally take place to celebrate a happy marriage. Generally couples prefer to celebrate their first few anniversaries by themselves but throw a party for their tenth, twenty fifth and fiftieth anniversaries. (more…)


40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

What makes anniversaries so special is the fact that with each and every passing year your marriage becomes more and more strong. Anniversaries are special; it becomes more exceptional, if it’s a 40th anniversary.Want to do something special on your parents, friends, cousins or your own 40th wedding anniversary. (more…)

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4 First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Your first anniversary is the most important and joyous day after your marriage. This is the day when your celebration becomes double. You recall your love on your first anniversary and celebrate for completing one year of successful marriage. If you have gone through of hard time of your marriage you can mend the things on your anniversary.

On this day you look back at your past one beautiful year and cherish those lovely moments you had with your wife. If this is your first anniversary then you must be thinking to celebrate it in style and surprise. You don’t necessarily have to buy a diamond for her or spend a lot on holiday package. You can simply make simple and elegant gifts a part of your day. Here are four super ideas for your first anniversary gifts:-

Anniversary Gifts for Her

Cake and a Dress

Plan a surprise party for her in the evening. Wake her up with a cake of her favourite flavour, something like Chefs Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake and give her a surprise dress for the evening party. You can surprise her that way and start her day with sweetness of cake.

Chef’s Special Dry Fruit Plum Cake

Add Cards in Marriage Albums

A nice card which thought written of the person who is giving is the best and memorable gift for anyone. You can select from a range of greeting cards for her. You can customize these greeting cards by writing any poem, thought, statement, etc. you made together.

greeting card

In the end of the day you both can put the card in the marriage album and it will become a memory for both of you.

Send Chocolates to Office

Do not forget that the whole day is your anniversary day and not just when you two are together in the morning and evening. Call her and remind her about the anniversary and send chocolates to her office. She will feel proud and love towards you when she will receive your surprise in the office. You can choose her favorite chocolate.

Extreme Chocolate Collection – 25 Flavors

A Gift Wrapped With Love

There is no precious gift than a gift which is wrapped by the person who is giving it. Buy a dress, jewelry, or anything else for her and add a cookie box in the gift. Wrap it and decorate the gift and do not forget to add personal message for her.

Center Shock Cookie-Cake Surprise

A useful tip for wrapping a gift is always spray a perfume which has light fragrance or you can spray a little from her bottle too. You can spray your perfume and let her guess this unknown gift by fragrance.If you are still not sure what she would like to receive on her first anniversary then visit this link and find different packages of anniversary gifts. These packages allow you to choose gifts that are unique and versatile.

Mesmerizing Treasure Chocolates

Whatever you gift her just remember that this first anniversary is meant for love or to recall love and not gifts. Whatever gifts you choose for her just add a pinch of love in it and she will definitely fall in love with you once again.


Anniversary Gifts for Women

Anniversary comes once every year, whether be the first one or the tenth they are always special. There are so many ways in which you can say “I love you” or “you mean a lot”. Women always need to be reminded and showed, that they are loved. You must have thought of some amazing gifts and ways to pamper. (more…)


5 Gift Ideas For Silver Jubilee Anniversary

So you are planning to visit a silver jubilee anniversary celebration, but confused about what to gift. Well, that is quite natural, as most of us actually tend to feel blank while thinking of gift ideas. Talking of the anniversary celebrations, these occasions embark victory of togetherness over hardships of life. (more…)


Best Cotton Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary is one of the best times in the life of a couple and a strong reason to relive the memories of the wedding day. Each year of anniversary brings something special with it. Each couple wants to enjoy and celebrate the anniversary day to make it a lifetime memory. (more…)


Top 4 Anniversary Gifts for Him

Nothing comes in mind when you are searching for a present in the market for your first wedding anniversary. It’s something special and important as well. What you are going to gift to your husband that would not only surprise him but also make him feel satisfied about the love you express to him by gifting this present? (more…)


Ideas for Diamond Anniversary Gifts

Diamond anniversary is one of the achievements in the life of a couple and the reason to celebrate and make it memorable. Not only is it one in a lifetime event but also one that marks the unconditional and infinite years of togetherness. (more…)

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4 Most Unique Anniversary Gifts for Men

When a couple celebrates their anniversary, they celebrate another year of togetherness, happiness and being in love with each other. An anniversary is a very special day in the lives of any couple who wish to gift each other unique gifts to show their love and concern for one another. (more…)


Ideas for 60th Wedding Anniversary

A wedding is the purest form of bond between two people and one that will be etched in their minds forever in the form of a wedding anniversary. Each anniversary and each passing year is special for the couple as it will happen only once in their lifetime. (more…)