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Best Gifts Of Gourmet Chocolate

Gourmet chocolates are the ultimate in chocolate when comes to quality of the ingredients used, the process of making these exquisite pieces and the visually appealing design. They assault your food related senses but in a good way.

Browse through’s quality Belgian chocolates. Read up on the ingredients and flavors used and send a a gift wrapped box of gourmet chocolate  instead of the usual sweets. You can pick one or more from the different varieties in the online shop or select one from these five tasty choices.

Five Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

Dark Cinnamon Fantasy Chocolate

These are milk chocolate and butter cinnamon ganaches coated in a dark chocolate shell. The spicy and yet sweet taste of cinnamon lingers in your mouth long after the piece is over. The ganaches are shaped into dark hearts with a slash of white in the middle.  They are not just great to look at, but are made from fine quality cocoa beans.

That the Dark Cinnamon Fantasy Chocolate is a good romantic gift goes without saying, given their shape and the use of milk chocolate. You can gift them to any loved one who will be thrilled to receive this exotic and delectable collection. These boxes come in 9, 12, 16 and 25 piece boxes and are priced accordingly.

Dark Cinnamon Fantasy Chocolate

Ginger Candy & White Ganache Chocolate

As the name suggests these are made of white chocolate and cream with some ginger thrown in. These ganaches will appeal to your taste buds. The oval shaped pieces are covered in dark shells of chocolate with a hint of white on top.

This Ginger Candy & White Ganache Chocolate, an innovative item, makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and weddings. They are good gourmet gifts for festivals and other occasions too. You can choose from the 9, 12, 16, 18 and 25 piece boxes.

Ginger Candy & White Ganache Chocolate

Dark Indian Spice

Looking for more spice, maybe that will set your taste buds on fire? Try the Dark Indian Spice truffles. These are dark chocolate ganaches with red chilly flakes and thyme blended in. The sweet and spicy combo is what sets these specialty chocolates apart.

Dark Indian Spice

These attractive, delectable balls are coated in white chocolate on the top half and dark chocolate at the bottom half.
These make unique gifts who like hot spices in their food and would love some in their chocolates. Gift these 18 piece boxes to a sibling or friend, even a client or team member who loves their chilies.

Strawberry Chocolate

The gourmet round shapes contain dark chocolate ganaches made with strawberry and amarena or Italian dark cherry. Unlike the dark shells of the above mentioned ganaches, these are coated in white chocolate shell. The mouth watering white creations are decorated in dark and orange colors.

Strawberries are a favorite with a lot of people. Gift these to a loved one or friend on their birthday or anniversary and you are assured of a lot of happy faces around you. The Strawberry Chocolate are available as 9, 12, 16  piece boxes with variable prices.


Passion Chocolate

These are a gourmet collection with a difference. The dark chocolate ganache filling combines glucose and passion fruit. These are then covered in white chocolate which is hand painted to give a dazzling white -green look. The tangy taste of passion fruit and the smooth creamy white chocolate will have you coming back for more.

Passion Chocolate

Include a Passion Chocolate in your corporate gifts for festivals. Gift them to your clients and associates and be rewarded with appreciative words of thanks. These gourmet chocolate boxes come with 9, 12, 16 pieces of tasty bites.

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